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UNlimiters will be the mainstream, online marketplace, providing products and services (unlimiters) proven to assist individuals in overcoming the physical obstacles of everyday life.  UNlimiters will provide access to these products whether they were designed specifically for a given challenge or whether they are common products not usually marketed towards overcoming a disability but which happen to do so, with or without modification.

People with a physical disability or those who interact with people living with these challenges have proven to be incredibly resourceful.  Every time we meet someone new to talk about the goals of UNlimiters, we are told of products used, adapted or invented to make someone’s life easier and more independent.  Some ideas are as simple as using sugar cubes instead of trying to balance a teaspoon or a better way to hold Q-tips to apply makeup for someone with limited mobility in their hands and arms.  Other ideas are as complicated as the invention of a universal wheelchair desk to be left in a high school classroom so any student can set up without disturbing the rest of the class or an electronic drain tube release for a catheter bag allowing the user to drain the bag without assistance even if they can only move a finger or arm.  UNlimiters’ aim is to provide a central marketplace for these items but also to become a place where people can share their own creativity and ideas to help make somebody else’s life a little easier. We will depend on our customers, the users of these products, to help us determine what we carry.

UNlimiters will also develop criteria for products based on usefulness, quality and customer satisfaction which will allow these products to carry the “UNlimiters Seal of Approval”.  The actual criteria will be developed in discussions with our users and we hope the seal will be worn with pride by the products who earn this distinction.

UNlimiters’ loves and celebrates the stories of the amputee who scales mountains, of the person with severe spinal cord injury who manages to walk again, of the ninety year old who goes parachuting for the first time or of the person with cerebral palsy who writes a bestselling novel using only his left foot.  But even more UNlimiters is proud of the small, incremental accomplishments people everywhere make on a regular basis.  Opening a bottle, sitting up in bed, making a phone call, going for a walk, dressing in fashionable clothing, or making a cup of coffee without assistance can be incredibly uplifting activities for those who struggle to accomplish them.  These are UNlimiters real heroes and we will only be successful if we can cater to their needs and involve them in our community. Through this community we hope to become the one-stop shop for products and services that help us gain our independence and created by the people dealing with those obstacles, including friends, families, caretakers and other supportive individuals.  We need and welcome helpful suggestions and input from all people with or without obvious disabilities so that together we face a better life for all.  We look forward to working with you.

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