This Won’t Last Forever…

Between the sleep deprivation and constantly being covered with baby formula (the little one has severe reflux), adapting to being a Mom of two has been difficult. Throw my recent leg surgery into the stress mix and I feel like I have been operating in crisis mode, living moment to moment without an opportunity to enjoy or look ahead. “This won’t last forever” has become my mantra as I try to maintain some of my sanity.

Needless to say, time alone has become a distant memory. I haven’t been home without a child, or in the car by myself, since April. I love my children, I really do. However, sometimes Mom needs a break!

I find myself seeking refuge in what has become luxury: taking a shower. I am traditionally more of a bath person, however the recent surgery has made that impossible. Until the stitches completely heal, I have to avoid soaking. Undeterred, I have learned to fully embrace the relaxation benefits of a long and hot shower.

In the shower, I don’t have anybody asking for anything. (Well, sometimes they knock on the door but I can easy drown that out!) showerheadThe time alone has become precious and I try to make the most of
the (albeit shot) opportunity to relax. During these moments alone, I have come to love my Waterpik Elements 5-Mode Handheld Shower Head.


We installed this shower head when we moved into this house in an effort to make the bathroom more accessible. A handheld shower sprayer is invaluable when trying to clean my residual limb, and simply makes it easier for me when I am sitting in my shower chair.  I use it on a regular basis, but have only really appreciated it recently.


Before the baby was born I always kept the shower on the general spray setting, which provides both a strong flow and wide coverage. During the past few weeks I have begun to utilize the massage feature on a more consistent basis. Wow, having the water beat on my shoulders and lower back has been an absolute godsend. Between carrying the baby and using crutches, my neck, shoulders, and lower back have been getting a workout! A few minutes of the water massage and the knots on my back begin to loosen up.


Lacking the time and means to go for a massage, I am embracing the next best thing. I get to be alone, rid myself of the baby vomit and have the water pound my aches away.  Until my mantra becomes reality, I will continue to enjoy my shower refuge.


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