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I love kitchen gadgets! My cupboards, cabinets, and closets are overflowing with pint sized machines touted to make my life easier. I have little doubt that I am the ideal target for every sales pitch.

When I was pregnant, I was surprised and delighted to discover that having a baby expanded my 812WVN8zkeL._SL1500_gadget horizons. My goodness things have changed in the eight years since I had my first child. From tabletop bottle cleaners to all-inclusive baby food makers, my kitchen machine horizons have been greatly expanded.

Walking through the store aisles, my eyes locked onto a machine that I immediately knew would take up residence on my kitchen counter. The Baby Brezza is a bottle making machine for formula fed babies. It is like a Keurig for babies!

I received a lot of slack from family and friends when I posted my excitement about the Baby Brezza. After all, it isn’t terribly difficult to make a bottle. Although it isn’t hard, I appreciate anything that makes a repetitive task easier and standardized. The Baby Brezza does both.

The water reservoir keeps the liquid at the ideal temperature for baby. This eliminates the guesswork, making sure that the water is neither too hot or too cold. At the push of one button, the Baby Brezza mixes the proper amount of formula powder with the perfectly heated water, dispensing the smooth liquid into the bottle.

Lumps, under or overheated water, and powder spills are all a memory thanks to this wonderful little machine. Since my little guy was born prematurely, he was put on a strict feeding schedule of every 90 minutes. It was during these endlessly long and exhausting nights that I truly fell in love with my Baby Brezza. In my sleep deprived state, I know that the bottle would be ready in a mere 15 seconds, and that the proportions will be perfect every time.

Since my re-amputation a month ago, I have set up the machine in our living room so that it is within arms reach. It is incredibly convenient that I am able to make a bottle without getting up, and that no mess was created during the process. I am sure my husband appreciates not being called to help every 90 minutes!

The Baby Brezza Bottle Maker has helped me to continue to be an UNlimter Mom during my recovery. It is a ingenious time saving machine for new parents who are formula feeding their baby. The Baby Brezza has made the exhausting job of feeding my baby every 90 minutes (that is 16 times a day) a little easier!

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