Preventing SADD Disorder with a Disability

This time this year is often difficult for me. I live in Minnesota where we have 5 to 6 months of winter each year. These are long, very long winters and we have many days we never see the sun. After becoming disabled, this whole lack of sun thing became very un-cool.

One reason the lack of sun bugs me now – I’m more aware of the weather. I’m more aware of everything really. If it’s sunny, I feel happier. If it’s cloudy, I feel a wreck. And I also get cold way too easily, which definitely comes into play when the sun isn’t around.  So after suffering with my ever growing hatred of the winter, I decided to buy my first SADD lamp that few years ago.

I bought one of the most inexpensive lamps I could find.  I ended up purchasing the Verilux Natural Light, also known as the HappyLight, which emits light exactly similar to the sun, tricking the brain into thinking it’s actually soaking in real rays.

I bought it online and after receiving it, I decided to set it up on my computer desk.  I work from home and sit in the same spot most of the day, so setting up my lamp here was a no-brainer. But when I turned on the lamp my first time, I will say I was slightly disappointed.

It wasn’t warm it all, and as a quadriplegic who loves warmth, this absence definitely bugged me and made by new lamp seem very un-sunlike. How could a lamp claiming to mimic the sun not be warm? But I went ahead with the sun lamp regimen anyways to treat SADD, which is the following: Sit in front of your SADD lamp once a day, but for only 30 minute intervals, preferrably in the morning.

Slowly but surely, the lamp seemed to work. Throughout my first winter of having it, I was in love. No longer was the day tiresome. I was zinging at 2pm like I ought to, not nodding off wishing I was in bed. But I won’t lie, it doesn’t completely erase all symptoms of SADD.  I still craved a vacation to Mexico, per the usual, and use my neck warmer all winter.

Do you use a SADD lamp?

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