Pool Bag Packed

Happy (unofficial) start of Summer!

We are chomping at the bit to participate in all of our favorite warm weather activities. From going to the pool on a hot summer afternoon to hanging out with friends and neighbors around the fire pit in the evening, we love summertime. The fact that my husband is a teacher, allowing him to enjoy a prolonged vacation from school with our sons, certainly helps to enhance the season.

Although the weather isn’t forecast to cooperate with our poolside dreams this weekend, we have been busy getting ready. As soon as the thermometer tops 80 degrees, we’ll be at the pool. (The temperature of the water is inconsequential for my son.)

Packing for a family day at the pool requires planning. In addition to the towels, water, goggles, sunscreen and assorted toys, I have to make room for my swim leg.  Although it is bulky and rather heavy, I know that I am lucky to have a designated pool prosthesis. It isn’t beneficial for swimming laps (which isn’t something I do frequently anyway) but it is wonderful for walking, lounging and playing in the water with my son. I feel safer and more stable having two feet on the pool floor, especially when holding a child. Image

After trying numerous tote bags, last year we settled on a roomy insulated shopper tote. This large shoulder bag provides ample room for all of our pool supplies, including my leg. I appreciate that I can discretely carry my swim leg with everything else. I’m used to stares, but avoiding the looks of shock (and sometimes repulsion) when I am carrying a spare leg is definitely a perk to utilizing a large tote bag!

The shopper tote is insulated, a feature we appreciate during the hottest days of summer. I put water bottles and snacks, along with an ice pack, in the bottom of the bag before piling our towels, toys and my leg on top. When we get to the pool and unpack, the refreshments and ice pack stay in the tote. The insulated walls of the bag keep everything chilly, even on the hottest days. Not having to spend $5 for a bottle of water at the concession stand makes this bag worth the investment.

Hopefully the weather will cooperate soon and we can take our inaugural trip to the pool. Our towels and my leg are packed neatly in the tote bag, ready to go when the opportunity arises.


Happy Memorial Day!

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