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In our home, this past week has been dedicated to interior painting. While part of this desire certainly stems from Spring Fever, specifically my need to spruce up a bit after the extremely long winter, the majority of my motivation lies squarely on nesting. I’m about a month away from giving birth, and my head is racing with projects that I feel compelled to tackle before we meet the newest member of our family.

Truth be told, I haven’t picked up a paint roller since the last time I was pregnant. I suppose I should be embarrassed to admit that our walls have been untouched for eight years, but in reality I don’t enjoy painting and therefore I tend to avoid the task at all costs. I don’t mind the prepping and the painting, but I detest the ladder climbing that is involved. Because of my prosthesis and balance issues, I don’t feel safe on a ladder. I begin to panic on the second rung and break into a full blown sweat by the third.  Whenever I feel vulnerable I tend to shy away from the activity, hence the reason for our scuffed and dirty walls.

Of course, aversion doesn’t always work and sometimes reality intervenes. The baby’s room, which had been used by my husband as his “man cave,” was left in a state of uninhabitable disrepair.  The wall paint was beyond redemption, necessitating both priming and painting before we could assemble the furniture.

Last weekend I finally broke down and decided to conquer the painting. I went to the local paint store to secure supplies, and to pick the colors. While talking with the salesman, I conveyed my dread of climbing ladders. He ushered me to a corner aisle and showed me a product that he promised would make the task easier and safer for me.  I was skeptical of course, but the store’s money back guarantee made trying the gadget worthwhile. After all, the only thing I really had to lose was some time, and if it reduced my reliance upon the ladder it was certainly worthwhile.

The Wagner Spray Tech Smart Flow Roller was easy to assemble and fill.  Within minutes of assembly I was rolling the paint onto the walls, transforming the man cave into a bright and cheerful nursery. The extended reach did just what the salesman promised, eliminated my need to climb the ladder! Unlike normal extension poles, the roller was easy to maneuver and handle from the ground. I didn’t feel like I was losing control of the roller, and was able to paint the entire ceiling without stepping on a single rung.

Because the paint is contained inside the Smart Flow Roller, I didn’t have to contend with messy paint trays and dripping cans. The paint flowed at an even pace which was easy to control.  All I had to do was fill the reservoir and start rolling!

The room which I dreaded painting was complete in less than 3 hours, and much of that time was dedicated to drying between coats. I avoided painting for eight years, but I am now motivated to repaint my entire house.This tool makes the task both easy and (dare I admit) fun! Because I don’t have to contend with paint trays, dripping and splattering colors and climbing ladders, I finished the “dreaded chore” with a smile on my face. In many ways, this handy roller has UNlimited my painting potential!Image

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