No Bending? NO problem!

When I was in college I learned a statistic which I found both fascinating and astounding. At the time, in my youthful optimism and perhaps arrogance, I was confident that the Professor was incorrect. I even went to the library (remember those buildings?) and researched to try to prove him wrong. I never found the ammunition I sought, and life has shown me that perhaps he was correct when he stated that 90% of all health impairments are held by 10% of the population.

Good health, I’ve learned, is like a fragile domino display. If one little block is knocked askew, the entire structure can begin to tumble.  Just as I was recovering from my re-amputation, last week I found myself again in the operating room. I am now resting at home, recovering from my hysterectomy.

The most frustrating part of this recovery is the firm “no bending, no lifting” dictate.  Trying to take care of a newborn with this caveat quickly became an exercise in frustration. Needless to say, I have had to call in the troops (my Mom) to help!

While I admittedly need help caring for the baby, I have tried to remain as independent as possible. I quickly discovered the value of having a grabber handy.  These ingenious little gadgets are an absolute godsend when you can’t lift or bend!

I was already quite familiar with the virtues of the grabber, I even wrote about it in a previous Unlimiters blog. However, this time I needed something a little longer to keep me from stooping over. I settled on the Ettore Grip ‘N Grab 50 Inch Long grabber. The extra length allows me to remain completely upright when reaching and grabbing.

I use this grabber so frequently that I have begun to carry it around with me. From retrieving batteries that fell out of a toy to the ringing telephone an arms reach away, my “I can’t” has become an “I can” with the help of this little tool.


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