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… to get this handy tool out of the shed, or at least that’s what my  friend Bud says.  He is an avid gardener but he’s also 84 years old and to put it in his words, “this old body just doesn’t have the bending parts where it used to”.  That’s why he bought this Long Handle Weeder and Cultivator by Cobra Head a few years back and he says it’s one of the best purchases he’s ever made.

He lives in a nice two bedroom connected townhouse that overlooks a golf course (another thing that he is avid about) but it gives him a very small area for gardening.  As a matter of fact many of his neighbors just leave their spots grassed in … but not Bud.  He took it as a challenge and now they all reap the benefits.

blog #46 2

 In our area of North Carolina we seldom have freezing weather but the ground still gets hard and crusty.  Bud tells me that this tool is perfect for breaking through this.  He also loves the fact that this 62” tool does a great job of weeding and fits into tightly spaced areas.  He can dig deep and get those pesky (and unattractive) weeds out while not damaging his valuable plants and he doesn’t have to bend over to do it.

“…and one last thing”, laughs Bud.  “The blade is replaceable !   I’ve never had to do that but the option is always there if I run over the tool with my golf cart.   I’ve been known to do that, you know!”

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