Never Be Stranded Again

I am in the final weeks of my pregnancy and, although the baby is growing beautifully and is healthy, I am starting to have difficulty. The baby bump has off-set my already compromised balance, making simple tasks more laborious. No matter now many adjustments we make, my prosthesis is too snug and uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time. I hesitate to remove it during the day because I can no longer bend at the waist to put it back on independently!  Needless to say, I am miserable.


As the pregnancy has progressed I have found myself relying upon home modifications that I haven’t needed in a long time. During the past few weeks my husband and I have rummaged through the garage to retrieve my wheelchair, extra shower chair, shrinker socks and portable grab-bars. I consider myself lucky to have everything I need to modify my home stowed away for when it is needed.


Yesterday afternoon I sent my husband down to the garage (aka the abyss of boxes and clutter) to find one more home modification. I have discovered, through an unfortunate event, that I can no longer independently rise after sitting on the commode. I’ll spare the details, although I am sure someday I will look back and see the comedic value in the story, but I assure you that being stranded on the toilet was certainly not humorous at the time.  I am also confident that the frantic phone call my husband received from me, while in the midst of my predicament, will not soon be forgotten!


My recent experience has only strengthened my testimonial for the portable toilet safety rails. Because I don’t need this Imageaccommodation on a consistent basis, I appreciate that the rails can be easily removed and stowed until they are needed. The fact that I don’t have to invest a lot of money and effort into major bathroom renovations is certainly a plus!  These lightweight, yet sturdy, rails offer me the stability and support I need at this time to be completely independent.


These portable toilet safety rails are not only beneficial when I am pregnant, but I have also used them after revision surgeries and when nursing an injured limb. When we have visitors with orthopedic impairments, the rails can be quickly installed to make the guests feel comfortable and safe. After all, a little planning can save a lot of embarrassment. Trust me on this!

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