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Now more than ever, it is important for me to remain as hands free as possible. Between steering my knee scooter and holding my baby, I don’t have the ability to carry anything else in my hands. Unfortunately, babies are not notoriously light travelers, necessitating me to adapt.  (It is amazing how much stuff a little baby requires!)

I was a completely different type of Mom with my first son. Fashion dictated my choice of a diaper bag. I shopped a variety of stores, seeking a bag that would look hip and chic.  The fact that it had room for diapers was simply a bonus.

I loved my suede pink and brown, over-the-shoulder diaper bag. Yes, I picked a suede bag. I have no doubt that all of the mom’s reading this post are shaking their heads and chuckling at my novice decision.  My beautiful and cute, albeit highly dysfunctional, bag was quickly covered with spills, baby vomit, urine and dirt. Suede, it turns out, is not easily washable.

Eight years later and I am now a more experienced, and knowledgeable, mom. This time I shopped for diaperfunction over form. I needed a diaper bag that would be easy to carry, distribute the weight and have compartments for everything I needed.

I was immediately drawn to the Fisher-Price Fastfinder Diaper Backpack. A backpack as a diaper bag- what a brilliant concept! Obviously backpacks are easier to carry because the weight is distributed evenly across the back. I wish I had thought of this eight years ago, I could have saved a lot of backaches as I schlepped around with my heavy, stained bag over my shoulder!

Not only is this bag comfortable because it is worn on the back, but it allows me to keep my hands free. Right now, the ability to use my hands is paramount. Although I was drawn to the bag because it was a backpack, I quickly became impressed with the design. This diaper backpack was definitely designed by an experienced parent.

This bag has a designated space for everything, whimsically labeled on the zipper pull for each compartment. From binkies to diapers, knowing that everything has a place has helped me to stay organized. When the bag becomes stained, which I know is a matter of time, the material is easy to wash. As a bonus, the bag is neutral enough that my husband willingly carries it.  (Trust me, trying to convince my husband to carry my pink and brown suede shoulder bag was not an easy sell!)

I cannot recommend the Fisher-Price Fastfinder Diaperpack to every new parent. In fact, it has become my new go-to shower gift for family and friends. My only regret is that I didn’t have it eight years ago.

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