I can’t believe I missed this !

My intent on writing these weekly blog entries is to highlight the many products or ideas that make life easier for seniors like me.  With that in mind I’ve written to many of my elderly friends and have asked them for their suggestions.   Recently I received an email from Dottie in Florida and was surprised when she gave me a gentle reprimand.

She wrote “I can’t believe that you’ve written so many entries and still haven’t mentioned a well stocked First Aid Kit. That was the first thing that came to mind when I got your letter.”

Dottie is right.  I’ll bet I have many of the items that would be in a kit in my bathroom closet but I would be hard pressed to find the right thing in an emergency.  So, not owning one I went on line to research and this is the one I chose:

First Aid Kit

It is the Complete First Aid Kit by Phoenix-Lazerus, Inc.   There were many reasons why I chose it, but, first and foremost, was the fact that it is made and manufactured in the United States of America.  I really like that.

And just look at the list of contents:

(1) Poly White Box
(1) Save-A-Tooth Preserving System
(75) Assorted Certi-Mix Adhesive Bandages
(4) Certi-Gauze Pads
(10) Antiseptic BZK Towlettes
(10) Certi-Sporyn Antibiotic Cream
(6) Alcohol Gel
(1) Triangular Bandage
(1) Absorbent Compress
(1) Cold Pack Certi-Cool
(1) Rescue Blanket
(1) Certi-Tape
(1) Plastic Forceps
(1 pair) Nitrile Gloves
(2 packages) Ibuprofen 200mg (2 tablets per package)
(1 package) Acetaminophen 500mg (2 tablets per package)
(1) Glow Stick with Lanyard
(1) First Aid Facts Guide

Need I say more?

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