Got A Lot of Produce? There’s a Gadget for That!

Based on the subjects of my posts, many of you probably think I spend my entire life in the kitchen. Although that sometimes feels that way, I assure you I do spend time in other places of my house. However, the kitchen is where I find myself needing the most adaptations. It makes sense if you think about it; the kitchen is probably the most dangerous place in my house. There are so many sharp, heavy or hot items in the kitchen, if that doesn’t kill me, the things that come out of it just might.

Summer is the most challenging time of year for me in the kitchen, not because I am doing a lot of cooking, but because I loathe cooking in the summer. It’s far too hot to have the stove running, the crockpot is best for creating winter type foods, so I am forced to use the stove. I hate the stove; it spatters and spits and that is not ideal for someone with a startle reflex or questionable balance to begin with. Needless to say, I don’t do a ton of cooking in summer. But the main reason summer in the kitchen is a rough is because of what my husband is bringing into it.

See, my husband loves his garden. He loves to plant things, loves to watch them grow and relishes in eating food from his garden. But it’s that middle part between the harvest and the eating that eludes him, and that’s where I come in.

The garden is probably bigger than what two people actually need, resulting in hoards of food from about mid- June through September. This year our planting was late and so was our harvest, but last night my husband appeared from the back yard with an armful of produce.

Unable to consume it all before it spoils, and not keen on canning, I end up freezing most of it, which means there is a lot of chopping. This is where I break out my Ninja to do the hard work. The Ninja is a great little gadget for processing foods. I love to make smoothies in my Ninja, but I primarily use it for chopping up all those veggies my husband brings in so I can freeze them in convenient portions.

As for slicing, my Slice-O-Matic just doesn’t cut it for large quantities of produce. Although it works nicely for one or two cucumbers, or a zucchini, slicing a dozen or more is a chore. I have made the executive decision to purchase an attachment set for my Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer that will automatically slice and shred my veggies. I have not tried it yet, but my Kitchen Aid Stand mixer was a life and time saver when it came to baking for all those potlucks and Graduation Parties this summer. So I have high hopes for this great little attachment.

Now, does anyone have any clue what I could make with about three dozen Chile Peppers?

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