Easy Nails!

With the boys back to school and/ or work, life is beginning to take on a new normal. I’m extremely busy, juggling my time between working and caring for the baby. It feels like I am constantly in motion, working on a project or doing something for one of my kids.

I suppose this is a reality for the majority of Mom’s where alone time is a thing of the past. At some stage in my life I will again enjoy sleeping in, lounging around in my pajamas, pampering myself with manicures and massages and relaxing on the couch in front of the television. Right now that is not my reality.

Just because I am extraordinarily busy doesn’t mean that I don’t want to take care of myself or feel pretty. There is an intrinsic value to carving out time for some mini-pampering. Now only do I feel prettier, but I feel more confident and put together.  The key to my pampering success lies with the descriptor: mini.

I spend a lot of time on my computer, typing and working on projects. This also means that I spend a lot of time looking at my hands. I somehow feel more productive when they are painted and pretty. Unfortunately, I don’t have time to drive to a salon every time I want a manicure and pedicure.

My nail painting skills border on the pathetic. I inevitably end up with polish all over the cuticles. Although I think I have waited long enough before moving onto another project, the nail polish almost always smears. On the rare occasions when I am patient enough to properly paint my nails, the polish chips so quickly that my put together look quickly becomes disheveled and unsightly.

As bad as I am with my finger nails I have even few skills when it nailscomes to my toes. Painting the plastic toes on my prosthesis has been known to bring me to the brink of frustration. Because of the plastic of my foot shell, the polish always dries a different shade. It probably isn’t noticeable to most, but to me it is a glaring difference. Until I was introduced to Sally Hansen Nail Polish Strips, I had all but given up on pedicures.

Nail polish strips are  not artificial nails but rather are stickers that are applied over a clean fingernail. They are simple to apply, requiring minimal time and skill. In other words, they are so easy to use that even I can do it!

After putting all of the stickers onto my finger tips and filing them into shape, I decided to give my toes a whirl. I was apprehensive about the success of the stickers adhering to my prosthetic toes. The plastic is smooth and slick. Other than taking a few extra moments for the adhesive to set up, the application was a cinch. To my delight, the colors on both feet matched perfectly!

The polish strips are not only easy to apply, but they last for a long time. I have worn the same strips for two weeks with no visible chipping. I only changed the strips because my nails grew. (Obviously this is not an issue on my prosthesis, and I have had the same strips applied for over a month. I suppose that this might be an unexpected benefit of relying upon a prosthesis!)

Nail strips come in a wide variety of colors and patterns so the possibilities are limitless. I can now sport the look of an expensive manicure without investing the time or money typically required. In my opinion, these strips were invented for me.


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