Easy Lotion Application

I turned 40 this year and, although I try to not put too much stock in a number, I have noticed my body changing as I age. My face is a little softer (I prefer that term to saggy) and my skin is drier. I plan on aggressively fighting all signs of aging and have no intention of growing old gracefully.

I found myself constantly slathering various lotions on my arms and legs, typically resulting in only creating an odoriferous mess.  Either I am heavy handed with my lotion application or my skin takes a long time to absorb the moisture, or perhaps both, but my efforts were leaving me feeling sticky and greasy.

Visiting my Mom last week I noticed a can of Vaseline Spray and Go Moisturizer in her medicine cabinet. (Yes, I admit that I look in medicine cabinets. I try not to, but they seem to beckon me to open their little mirrored doors for a peek inside. You probably don’t want to invite me to a party at your home.) This time my snooping paid off, because it turns out that I love the spray lotion.

Unimpressed with the commercials, I never considered buying the aerosol lotion. However, since my Mom was using it and it was right in front of me, I gave it a try. I was surprised by how clean I felt after applying the moisturizer.

For somebody who is always heavy handed with lotion, I learned that a little can go a long way. One quick spray on each arm and on my leg was all the application required. My skin felt smooth, moisture and comfortable. The superfine mist absorbed into my skin quickly, leaving a light scent in its wake.

I love that the lotion application is mess-free, leaving my hands dry and unaffected. Since I’m relying on a knee crutch, regular crutches or my scooter at the moment, I try to avoid adding a layer of lubrication to my hands. I prefer to keep a strong grip whenever possible.

The Vaseline Spray and Go lotion is a small product which has made my life less complicated.  Give it a try, it might work for you too!

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