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It is Back-To-School time!

Between having a third grader and a husband who is a teacher, this is a pivotal time of year in our family. The first few weeks of September are always stressful as we adjust to new schedules and settle into the school year. Mornings are particularly chaotic as everybody adjusts to the new routine.

Pouring a bowl of cereal is certainly not a difficult endeavor. However, it is significantly complicated when trying to juggling a squirming baby in one arm while holding a crutch in the other.  Inevitably I end up spilling cereal all over the counter and/or floor, hence the reason I have Fruit Loop covered dust all through my kitchen.

Since my little guy is growing up, he is eager to accept new responsibilities. (Unfortunately his eagerness only extends to those tasks he deems enjoyable or rewarding. If he was this motivated to clean his room my life would be so much easier!) In any case, this year we have agreed that he will make his own breakfast in the morning.

While I fully support increasing his responsibilities, I am cautious about doing so when it equates to more work for me.  I already have my hands full, literally and figuratively, and feel a need for simplicity. When I was visiting a friend and saw the cereal dispenser on her kitchen counter, I knew I had to have one!

I love our Zevro Dual Food Dispenser. Each morning he has the cerealchoice between two cereals, which have already been poured into the reservoir. Incidentally, each container holds the jumbo size box of cereal, which is a bonus for both my pantry tidiness and our wallets! As an unexpected bonus, with the large boxes out of my cabinets I have more room to stow food and appliances.

The reservoir is airtight, keeping both bugs and moisture out of our cereal. Because they are transparent I can easily see when we are running low on cereal. No more morning disappointment stemming from trying to pour breakfast out of an empty cereal box!

All he has to do is grab a bowl, place it under the dispenser and turn the knob. Each turn dispenses approximately one ounce, which is good to for when I decide to start watching my waistline again.

This dual cereal dispenser has made our mornings easier, which is much appreciated during this hectic time. I love that my son can be breakfast independent without creating a mess in his wake. Hopefully the days of crunched Fruit Loops in the corner of my kitchen floor are gone!


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