Clean(er) Hands

With the excitement of Halloween behind us (although unfortunately still all too present in the decorations I have yet to put away), my mind is already beginning to look forward.  I love this time of year. The crisp air outside draws me inside, next to our already busy fireplace.  Unfortunately the confinement of everybody indoors also provides the perfect storm for germ sharing.

As a former teacher myself who is now married to one, I have learned to fully appreciate the little germ factories commonly referred to as classrooms. Although I am sure all of his high school students were taught the same hygiene that we are currently emphasizing with our son, I’ve sadly realized that the skills are often forgotten when the teenage years hit. We can’t safeguard all of the students in my husband’s class, but I can do my best to keep my family healthy!

This year keeping the house as virus free as possible is a priority.  Our baby was born prematurely and, although he is healthy and thriving, we know that his little immune system continues to be compromised. I am declaring war against germs in order to keep him safe!

With all of the advances that are being made in the medical community, the best defense against colds and the flu remains as simple as hand washing. In order to take hand washing to the next level, I have invested in Lysol’s No-Touch Hand Soap Dispensers. My son’s love of gadgets, and my hope that the novelty of an automatic soap dispenser would encourage hygiene habits, was my initial motivation for making the purchase. However, once I installed the batteries (which were included-yea!), I knew that I had made a good purchase.

The correct amount of soap is dispensed whenever the hand is cupped and held under the dispenser. I love that nobody has to touch anything before washing their hands. I shutter to think about the germs that might have been lying in wait on top of my traditional soap pumps!

Not only does this provide hands-free access to soap, but the amount of soap that is dispensed is perfect. My overzealous 8 year old has a propensity for over pumping, resulting in both a waste of soap and a horrible, gummy mess on my vanities.  I never had to use cleaner when washing my sink because I could just dab up everything he missed when washing his hands.

I liked my hands-free soap dispenser so much that I ordered two more so that I could have one next to every sink in my house. I know it won’t provide a complete barrier against colds and the flu, but it certainly makes washing hands easier.  I don’t know about you, but in my house easier often means that it will be done!

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