Call Screening Made Easy!

Stemming from what I can only categorize as extreme exhaustion, I have found myself screening calls on a frequent basis. It isn’t that I am seeking to be a recluse. Rather, I’m simply too tired to exert the mental energy required to maintain a conversation. It has been a long time since I’ve cared for a newborn.  I can honestly say that it is a lot harder at 40 years old than it was when I was in my early 30’s.

I remember screening calls in college. My roommate and I would sit quietly while the phone rang. Only after the answering machine picked up did we receive a clue concerning the identity of the caller. If it was somebody we wanted to talk with, we would pick up the receiver (and the remainder of the conversation would continue to be recorded on the answering machine.) Looking back our method seems so archaic when compared to the convenience of Caller ID.

We have recently taken Caller ID to the next level by introducing a talking cordless receiver. Now when the phone rings I don’t need to Imageget up and frantically try to locate a phone receiver to check the number. After the second ring, the phone clearly reads the identity of the caller.

When we were shopping for new phones last month, the talking Caller ID feature sought because of my husband’s insistence. I thought that the feature was a quirky perk, but never envisioned it to be functional. In this situation, I am happy to admit that I was wrong, and that he was right!

I love being able to identify the caller without moving. I’m so worn out from taking care of the baby, and having so many prosthetic issues, that anytime I can remain still it feels like a victory. The Talking Caller ID phone has saved me both the frustration of trying to find a phone before the ringing stops and unnecessary (and currently painful) walking. Ditching the visual caller ID and making the switch to a talking caller ID cordless phone system has been UNlimiting!

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