Bed Rest and Easter Magic

Due to complications which have arisen during the pregnancy, I have been officially put on bed rest. My initial reaction to the directive was one of mild optimism. After all, I am always being pulled in several directions at once. I reasoned that being ordered to stay still and relax would feel like a vacation.

Within 24 hours the novelty of bed rest wore off, rendering me frustrated, anxious and feeling guilty about not actively caring for my family. I hate being limited and, even though I know that this situation is temporary, I have been struggling to maintain an upbeat demeanor. My son and husband have been wonderful, pitching in to take care of everything that needs to be done. They have shown nothing but support, but I am still feeling guilty about being rendered dependent.

Spending so much time in bed has left me with a whole new appreciation for pillows and linens. My husband surprised me with a fabulous pregnancy pillow for Christmas, but this long body pillow is only beneficial when I am prone. I have to remain still, but I can still be propped up in a seated position. I found it nearly impossible to maintain a comfortable posture by stacking all of our pillows behind me. I needed something with more support, but I also knew that a typical back wedge would be inadequate. The baby bump forces me to constantly shift my weight, and I needed a solution that could be easily adapted to my position.

I may not be able to hit the mall and go shopping, but thankfully I have a strong internet connection in our bedroom. It didn’t take me long before I managed to find the backrest I was seeking. The Contour 10 in 1 Flip Pillow is the perfect solution for my bed rest woes. Because of the jointed sections, I am able to shift my weight and quickly reorganize the pillow configuration to maintain comfort. The back rest is firm yet soft, allowing me to sink back and relax without struggling to remain upright.

Although I certainly wouldn’t classify myself as enjoying bed rest, I can say that my lower back is no longer aching because of it. Being able to remain comfortable during a difficult situation is paramount to remaining upbeat. There isn’t anything I can do right now about my limited activity, but I’m glad I found a pillow to help make me more comfortable as I wait for baby to arrive.

I highly recommend the Contour 10 in 1 Flip Pillow for anybody who is rendered to bed rest, whether the directive stems from a difficult pregnancy or recovering from a surgery. The ability to reshape the pillow into a variety of configurations has proven to be invaluable to maintaining a level of comfort in a difficult situation.

On a different note, this Sunday is Easter. Saturday night, before tucking the little ones into bed, have them plant some jelly beans (either outside or in a flower box.)  As the Easter Bunny hops by, his magic makes the jelly beans grow into lollipops!

Below is an explanation of Easter Magic, courtesy of my little boy.

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