A little gift … gives BIG relief !


Doesn’t it make you feel good when one of your children does something incredibly thoughtful?  It happened to me this past week and I want to share it with you.

I have had scoliosis all my life and, although I’ve learned to live with it,  this past year the pain from it has increased a lot.  I am not sure if it has anything to do with having had shingles a year ago or just due to the normal degenerative aging process.  No matter what the cause is I find that so many of my daily chores are getting harder & harder for me to perform.

My eagle-eyed son picked up on this recently when he walked me to my car.  He heard me cursing the darn car manufacturers for placing the belt holder so far out of my reach and watched as I grimaced with pain when I tried to reach back to grab the seat belt.

To my surprise, without saying a word to me, he bought and installed a little device called a Seatbelt Grabber Handle in my car.  It’s something that I would never have thought to buy for myself and I can‘t believe how well it works.

seat belt grabber handle

I just grab the handle and pull the belt across and into place … no  contortions involved !  My son told me it just snaps into place and can easily be removed if I don’t like it but that’s not going to happen !

I am still amazed that something this insignificant can make such a difference.  It makes me wonder what else I’ve been missing !

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