80’s Fashion to the Rescue!

A few days ago I headed out for my quarterly shoe-shopping trip. In all fairness I have never been a shoe lover. My indifference towards footwear has only deepened since I became an amputee.  Unlike many of my friends for whom shoe shopping becomes a favorite past time, I try to limit my forays into the shoe store to four a year. I search  to find one solid pair of shoes that are cute yet generic enough to wear for the entire season.

Strolling through the aisles (literally because I was also pushing the not-so-amused baby at the time) I saw a display that caught my eye. Leg warmers! Immediately memories of Aqua Net hairspray, florescent colored clothing and loud make-up came flooding back. I was only a child during this decade, but I my mother’s photo albums are full of images of me fully embracing the fashion trends.

I was intrigued by the leg warmers, but not out of a sense of legremaining on trend. I knew that the leg warmers could be easily transformed

into a stump warmer, which would be absolutely perfect for the impending cold weather. After selecting a surprisingly cute pair of utilitarian grey shoes, I grabbed a pair of patterned leg warmers and proceeded to check out.

To say that my residual limb becomes cold in the winter would be an understatement. It becomes so cold that it borders on painful. The limb becomes cold to the touch and difficult to warm, especially after playing outside in the snow.

Typically I wear a series of my husband’s old socks over my limb at night, which has been moderately successful maintaining an adequate and comfortable temperature.  Unfortunately the socks aren’t terribly warm, and easily fall off when I roll around in my sleep.  I’ve been looking for a different solution for years. It turns out that my solution was hidden among the techno music and Jane Fonda work-out videos all along!

My new leg warmers are the perfect solution for keeping my residual limb warm.  They provide more warmth and coverage than my husband’s old tube socks. They are soft and cozy to wear, keeping my limb at a comfortable temperature. I twist the excess fabric at the bottom and double up the layers on my leg, creating a nice and thick little blanket around my limb.

The weather predictions for this coming winter are harsh. My little boy is delighted with the prospect of heavy snow and frigid air. He loves spending his days sledding and ice skating. With my newly discovered leg warmer solution, I know that I’ll be able to keep my limb warm and comfortable regardless of what nature throws our way.

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