Moving Ain’t Easy When You Use a Wheelchair

Two months ago I had big news arrive on my doorstep – “Tiffiny, it’s time to move.”  The place I live in is actually owned by my brother; a man who likes to invest wherever he can, and my place is currently losing money left and right.  To sum up – the taxes are too high, so, a new place must be found.

Ever since becoming a wheelchair-user however I’ve found that using a wheelchair and moving can be a stressful combination. Big time stressful. And the reason it’s so stressful – you can’t help as much as you want to.  We’re used to this every day of our lives, but when it’s coupled with moving our personal belongings, it can be really hard to deal with.

For me, the biggest thing is not being able to physically organize my things the way I’d like to.  I can observe my PCA and tell her where to put things in boxes, but I can’t with my mother. She on the other hand will not listen to me.  This is a battle we all face though, us mothers and daughters of the world.  Not being able to really get a hands-on control of the situation and having to relent, and let others be in control.

But dang is it hard when you’re moving.

There’s relenting however, and then there’s just being bulldozed, and that is sort of happening between me and my mother right now; having to just let her do her thing so to not make waves.  And that’s the thing with moving. You just have to learn to let go.  If you don’t, then the moving process will certainly drive you mad.

There are however a few things you can do to make it a bit easier when you can’t physically help the way you’d like when moving.  The first, make a list of everything you need to do so you can keep a solid control of the situation. And foldable, plastic moving containers for your clothes.  Get a bunch of those.  These are amazing for storing a ton of things in small spaces.

When packing, try to have people you get along with the best help you; anyone you know who will respect your wishes and let you be the conductor of the move; the only way to keep sane when you can’t jump in and do it all yourself.  Hiring movers is usually a great idea.  But watch out.  Some places have employees that are lacking.  I’ve also heard great things about moving pods; cheap and flexible with time.

Above all however, just remember that moving never goes as planned.  Always prepare for the worst, and you’ll be ready no matter what crazy sitcom-worthy moment occurs. As for me, wish me luck.  My move will be happening before the snow flies.

Address changes, new checks, getting cable and internet hooked up; bleh, no moving is not fun at all. Gosh I feel like an old lady, but I really hate change.

What tips do you have for moving?

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