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Enjoying Soda- UNlimiter Style

Generally speaking, I live a relatively UNlimited life.  I suppose that living with my disability for more than a decade has allowed me ample time to adapt without much thought.  Many of my accommodations for my limb loss occur so naturally that I must make a concerted effort to recognize the adaptations.  Living a life with limb loss has become my norm.

Although I’m comfortable with living as an amputee, I have come to recognize that I have made adjustments to just about every aspect of my life. From the obvious, such as installing permanent grab bars to my bathroom, to the discrete, I am constantly tweaking and searching for easier ways. Each change, in its own way, has helped to simplify my life.

My family, especially my husband, consumes an obscene amount of soda. We used to have 2 liter bottles lined across the back of my kitchen counters, and mountains of cans stacked in the corner. Although I hated the aesthetic aspects that soda storage caused, I despised lugging everything from the car more!

Carrying heavy and cumbersome objects is something that I will never ever fully embrace. I don’t feel safe when I can’t use the handrail when  going up or down the stairs. Balancing heavy loads makes me feel precarious, especially when I can’t see my prosthesis to confirm proper step placement.  Schlepping heavy boxes of soda cans, or bags overflowing with 2 liter bottles, was a chore which I avoided whenever possible.

I’ve come to the conclusion that the Soda Stream must have been invented to make the lives easier of those with disabilities. Gone are the days of carrying heavy and awkward cans and bottles from the car to the kitchen. I no longer have 1/3 bottles of flat soda lined up on my countertop, and the soda can fort is gone from the corner of my dining room.

I admit that I was skeptical of the Soda Stream the first dozen times I saw the store display. Would the soda taste good? Did the machine work as advertised? Was the convenience worth the initial investment? Would this machine actually end us saving us money?  After finally breaking down and giving it a try, I have to say that the answer to all of these questions is a resounding yes!

My husband and I have different tastes when it comes to soda, and we are now able to easily accommodate both of our preferences. Instead of pushing around the large bottles, we now have a variety of syrups which store discretely in our cabinet. At the push of a button we can make any soda desired and we don’t have to worry about the excess going flat. We only make what we can drink, assuring that we always have the proper carbonation.

Although my husband loves the variety of flavors, I appreciate the fact that we no longer have to wrestle with moving heavy cans and bottles. This machine has completely eliminated a situation which used to render me uncomfortable and unsafe. In another small way, the Soda Stream has helped me to continue my UNlimiter status!


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