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A Good Night’s Sleep While on the Road

Sleep is a funny thing. When we are children we hate the idea of sleeping. We are certain that we are going to miss something hugely important or wonderful; after all, the Easter Bunny, Santa and the Tooth Fairy all come at night. The older we get the more we see sleep as a blessing instead of a conspiracy, and ironically, the more sleep seems to allude us.

I love sleep as much as anyone, when Tom and I got married our first big joint purchase was a brand new bed. Neither of us had ever slept on a brand new mattress before, so we decided to really go all out. We bought a pillow top mattress with an adjustable base. At first the adjustable base seemed like a luxury, but I soon realized that it had its practical purposes. Sleeping with our heads slightly inclined has helped with my husband’s snoring, my stuffy nose and the back pain that both of us usually felt in the morning.

This bed is great, but we are a bit spoiled by it. Now when we travel and have to sleep on a flat surface, we are acutely aware of our suffering. Well, my husband isn’t aware until the morning, I’m the one up all night poking my husband in the ribs trying to convince him to roll over and stop snoring in my ear. I began to dread leaving my bed for even one night with my husband in tow. Then a friend came to visit for a weekend and I was inspired.

My friend also has to sleep inclined, but for her, sleeping flat can have some pretty scary consequences. Therefore she always comes prepared with her very own sleep wedge. How did I not know these things existed? My friend’s sleep wedge is comically huge, it is almost as big as she is. This made it kind of a pain to travel with, especially when public transportation is your only option. I looked around online and managed to find an inflatable version.

This wedge especially works great for hotels that like to skimp on the pillows. You just inflate it to a comfortable level and shove it under your pillow. I wouldn’t recommend sleeping directly on top of the wedge though, it is made of plastic and smells similar to all those pool inflatables. I didn’t have any problems with this wedge going flat by morning, but I only use it for one night at a time.

Obviously nothing is as good as a full night’s rest in your own bed. But if you have issues with sinuses, snoring, or back and neck pain when traveling, this inflatable travel wedge pillow (or the standard version if you have the room and are staying awhile) will make your night a little more comfortable.

What accommodations to you have to make while traveling?

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