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The Self-Makeover

For the last 3 1/2 years, up until last week, I have been desperately wanting to overhaul my look. My hair color, my clothes, I let it all fall to the wayside, not caring anymore. This is what you do when you get into a very comfortable relationship when your significant other who eschews beauty products.

And while I won’t lie – it felt quite liberating to be this way- at the end of the day it was a very bad thing. Now that I’m single again, I’ve realized just how far I have let things slide, and I deeply regret it. But enough about the past. You can’t go back. All I can do is change the now and the future, which is exactly what I did last week.

When I decided to make a change, it all kind of happened at once. I got my teeth whitened on Tuesday, a spray tan on Wednesday, Thursday I went to the mall and bought several new clothes and Friday I made the penultimate change – I dyed my hair back to my bright blonde; the crowning glory of my makeover. Oh and there was a eyebrow wax somewhere in there.

After everything was said and done, I felt like a million trillion dollars. Truly. It was almost as good as a massage or even young puppy love; that’s how transformative a makeover can have on my psyche. I hate to admit it since I tried to ignore this fact for the last few years, bur new hair and clothes can really be incredibly healing for people with disabilities.

Of course the task after you do all of the primping is to put yourself out in public to see what kind of responses you get; to see if you really have an amped up sex appeal. My ultimate test was a second date. It was our official “real” date since our first meeting was just a coffee thing, and I wanted to look good.

So I wore my new leopard dress; tight, very very cute, and I spent an hour on my makeup. I also made sure to put a smidge of perfume in my hair, finished my hair and bam – I was ready to go. And when he first saw me, I could feel his eyes on me, and they stayed there the rest of the night. I knew all my hardwork paid off.

You know, part of me still wishes physicality doesn’t matter, but it does. As Madonna likes to say – we are living in a material world – and it always good to remember it.

Have you given yourself a spur of the moment makeover with success?


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