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Making the Long Tedious Mornings a Little Bit Better

coffeeWhen you’re paralyzed, getting up in the morning isn’tt the fastest thing in the world. In fact, it can be a downright nightmare, sometimes taking 2-3 hours to get everything done, and I’ve been doing my routine for a really long time.

Some would say I’m even an expert at it. But I will admit, it’s still tedious. I’ve figured out however how to make my routine much more pleasant. Secret tip – a little pampering can go a long way. Here are a handful of things that really truly make my mornings better.

Clay mask: There are a lot of reasons you should be using a clay mask a few times a week in the morning when getting up. Clay and mud masks pull impurities from the skin, which is a big deal if you’re paralyzed. We don’t sweat as much, which means bad things stay in our skin and never leave.

I like to put on a clay mask right before taking a shower. I just slather it on, let it dry for a couple of minutes, then rinse it off in the shower. Since my face is so sensitive sensation-wise, pampering my skin where I can still feel gives a huge boost to my overall happiness, especially during my morning routine. Any clay or mud mask is good. I use this one: Boots Botanics Complexion Refining Clay Mask

Banana coffee: Another thing to really make your mornings something you look forward to rather than the opposite is to make yourself a delicious beverage, and in my case that would be banana-flavored coffee. I just discovered this coffee a couple of months ago and it’s transformed my world.

I love anything banana-flavored and warm drinks soothe me so much now that I’m paralyzed, and I’m a big believer that anything delicious can almost make all negativity disappear. I love this stuff and as it turns out, it’s made from California. Very cool. Check it out: Life is Good Banana Bread Bliss Coffee

Multi-setting shower head: One of the best ways to pamper yourself after the dreaded bowl routine is to have an amazing hot shower, and even better than a hot shower is having a shower head with awesome settings. I just got a new one a couple months ago. Resting your head forward and letting the water massage your neck and shoulders is the best.

In fact, I’ll often have my caregiver turn on a couple of different settings during the entirety of my shower. Nothing can beat the feeling of pulsating water, especially on sore joints, and then changing it to the soak setting. Oh,so good; you may even forget about your disability for a moment or two. My brand new hand-held shower head: Delta 9-Spray ActivTouch Adjustable Shower Head

Personal wet/dry shaver: If you’re a gal or guy who cares about personal grooming, a personal wet/dry shaver is a must.  But if you have a disability and have troubles moving your legs and arms, using any old personal saver won’t do. My long-handled personal shaver from Remington has the longest body I’ve ever seen on a personal shaver, so it’s easy to hold.

It has a trimmer, a close-shaver and an exfoliator head. A great razor for sure, even if the battery isn’t rechargeable. While in my shower chair, I can reach everything I need to in order to shave independently. Check it out: Remington Smooth & Silky Body Grooming Kit

It can be easy forgetting all the happy, pampering things in life when medical tasks get in the picture, but don’t ever let go of the good things in life. A little bit of pampering can have a huge effect on your disposition. We are all still deserving of some fabulous guilt-free personal TLC.

How do you pamper yourself in the morning?

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