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My New Favorite Leg Lotion

Perhaps my favorite part of working prosthetic conferences, with the exception of room service, is the ability to see all of the new prosthetic products available. I am constantly amazed at the rapid advances that are being made. While the focus is often on the computerized, sexier prosthetics, some of the most life enhancing products are often unsung and taken for granted.

During my breaks I enjoy walking through the exhibition hall, talking with vendors and learning about new products. Okay, I also admit that I’m a sucker for samples and freebies. What can I say, conference swag makes me smile! I often come home from the conferences with an extra suitcase stuffed with samples, brochures and trinkets.

Yesterday morning I was hurting. The skin on my limb was beginning to chafe, and a small blister on the side had still not healed. I reached for my go-to tub of Eucerin creme when I remembered that I had picked up a sample of a new product at a conference several months ago. In warmer weather I don’t encounter the chapping and chafing issues that often occur in the winter, so I have never had a chance to try the product. Touted as a solution to a chafing residual limb, I decided to put the claim to the test.

As soon as the lotion was applied, I knew that it was special. It absorbed quickly, leaving my skin soft and smooth. Donning my liner was easy, and I didn’t feel the nagging skin tugging that I was experiencing when rolling on my liner. I stepped into my leg and took a few cautious steps. I never would have imagined that a simple lotion would have such a profound impact. My discomfort was completely gone! Needless to say, I was amazed.

It turns out that my skin has been pulling against my liner. The constant tugging has been causing friction burns that resemble Imagechapping. I assure you I am not a spokesperson for the company, but I couldn’t make this lotion discovery and not share my experience.

After one day I am sold on this product, and I was delighted when I realized that it could be ordered directly by the consumer. (Anytime I don’t have to go through my doctor or prosthetist for a product I am a happy camper!)  If you are having skin breakdown, or feel like you might be tugging within your liner, give Alps Prosthetic Skin Lotion a try. I was shocked that it yielded such profound results for me. Sometimes the simplest products can yield the most profound results!

Cold Hand Relief

I have been an amputee for 10 years. Living without a limb, even when a prosthesis is utilized, changes the natural stresses that occur within the body. The fact that I was on crutches for the five years preceding my amputation have only compounded those issues. 

I am happily married, but I am not wearing my wedding bands.  Although this may seem strange to some, my husband has never questioned me. My placing the cherished rings into my jewelry box was a decision made out of necessity, not choice. Relying upon crutches for five years has wreaked havoc on my hands.
During the Spring and Summer months I can proudly don my rings. As soon as the weather begins to chill, my fingers begin to swell. The nagging arthritis sets in, and I have to remove the jewelry because it becomes too painful to wear. 
My fingers become so cold that I am often relegated to wearing gloves inside the house. I have become skilled at chopping, dicing and cooking while wearing gloves! Even when covered with polar fleece, my hands remain uncomfortably chilly.
Thankfully I have discovered a stopgap treatment for my cold hands. Dipping them into my paraffin wax spa, I immediately feel the tingling relief that comes from them warming up. If I could bottle this sensation I would surely be a millionaire!
The wax warms up my hands and provides relief that often lasts for up to 90 minutes. Thankfully the wax is reusable, and “over dipping” is not a worry. When my hands become cold again, I often return to the paraffin spa. During extremely cold spells, I dip up to 6 times a day. (I have to admit that these treatments leave me with the softest hands on the block!)
I wish I had a more permanent solution to treat my cold hands, but the paraffin spa works wonders for me. I appreciate that I don’t have to ingest anything in order to feel relief. I realize that the effects are only temporary, but finding short term relief has been a godsend.  
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