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We Need Your Help!

The “Shout” section of UNlimiters is for all of you to share with us your experiences and the products or techniques you use to make life easier.  Even the simplest ideas may not have been considered as a possible solution by others; it took me a while to discover sugar cubes instead of trying to measure sugar in a teaspoon while making a huge mess.

There are three facts I have learned:

1. You and our community as a whole are incredibly inventive and resourceful at overcoming daily obstacles.

2. Your thoughts and ideas will spark other ideas which in turn will spark other ideas continuing the cycle of development.

3. Feedback is vital in life, and in this community, and encourages participation and innovation.

In this vein, you have the ability to help many others in similar situations just by sharing your own successes regardless of how small a triumph it may seem.  Although what you write in the “Shout” section is not seen by others directly, we look through the responses every day and try to get them posted and on our website.

With your help, we will create a central location where people can come to learn about and find the products or services they can actually use, recommended by the people who actually use them. In doing so, solutions will be found to both known and unknown obstacles.

You can also shout at us by commenting on our blogs. The blogs do not always mention products directly, but we would love for you to help with that. All of our writers would love to hear your feedback on their topics.

Either way we need your support.  We want UNlimiters to be shaped and designed by you.  Jump on in and shout at us!

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