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Quad Fingers and Doin’ Hair

They say your hair is your crowning glory, the first thing a possible mate notices even, which is why I’ve always been a bit meticulous about my hair.

However, as a C5-6 quadriplegic with no finger movement, taking care of my hair the way I’d like to hasn’t always been the easiest thing.

In fact, I had to make a lot of hair-related sacrifices since becoming paralyzed. Leaving the house with dirty hair (and throwing on a cap) when washing my hair just wasn’t feasible, leaving the house with unstyled hair because I forgot to have my PCA help me, and those are just two stories. It’s almost too easy to have a bad hair day when you’re paralyzed.

But I’ve been adamant about preventing this from happening, wanting to love my hair no matter what, and I went online looking for products that would help me be as independent as possible with my hair. Surprisingly, I found a few.

Make no mistake, there are going to be days where you’re not going to be able to have your hair the way you like, but there’s a lot you can still do to style your hair; a few products that will blow you away, and ones I personally can’t live without. Check them out below.

Headbands Forever

When you can’t move your fingers, using a hair binder to pull back your hair on your own is impossible, which is why many women who are quadriplegics opt for shorter hair-dos.  It’s kind of removes the need to do your hair. I however love having long hair and have committed myself to finding workarounds, and the headband is one of the best.

It takes minimal arm movement to slide one on and they’re so popular right now you’ll find amazing headbands wherever you go; skinny headbands of the big flower on the side, leather headbands reminiscent of native Americans, giant oversized headbands to give you a Boho look, I can’t get enough.

Blow Dryer Stand

If you have weaker arms and can’t hold a hair dryer, the amazingly handy blow dryer stand will change your world. A 2 1/2 ft. tall stand that sits on your bathroom counter top, just place your blow dryer in the stand, angle it towards you, then turn it on; instant hands-free blow drying. Awesome invention overload.

Check it out: Blow Dryer Stand

Jelly Handle Brush

If you are sick of using an adapted brush with a T-strap to hold it, you may want to try a Conair Gel Grip brush. They sell these everywhere – Target, Wal-Mart and drug stores – and it also doesn’t hurt that it’s a fine quality brush. Above all however, this brush is very easy to hold. The jelly handle is about 2 inches round in diameter, making it perfect to wedge into a quad hand.

Check it out: Conair Paddle Gel Grip Brush

Baby Powder

When you’re in a pinch and have dirty hair and not the ability to spray an aerosol can of dry shampoo, your best option is using baby power. You can sprinkle a little bit in your brush and comb your hair as you usually would. This helps clean your hair because the powder absorbs oil, plus if you get the scented kind of baby powder (magnolia blossom, lavender or cool cucumber), your hair will smell good all day.

Check it out: Scented baby powder

Whenever you do, don’t shave all your hair off in a moment of frustration.  I know it can be hard, no incredibly difficult, to not let your temper get the best of you when doing your hair with limited finger movement, but if you can manage to stay calm and not let it get the best of you, I promise you’ll find a way to create a hair-do on your own that you love.

What hair products could you never live without?

Photo courtesy of Flickr CC

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