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Getting pampered …

ez shampooI’m so thankful for all my friends who supply me with suggestions for my UNlimiters blog entries.  This one comes from my friend Mae.  She is only in her 60’s but is debilitated with Parkinson’s disease and can no longer do some of the things that we often take for granted … such as being able to wash our hair.

Mae writes:  “I get pampered twice a week by a dear friend who washes, dries and combs my hair for me.  She uses the  EZ-SHAMPOO® hair washing tray and that makes it easy for both of us. She actually gave me the tray as a birthday gift and it’s one of the best gifts I’ve ever received… truly the gift that goes on giving.”

Wow, that’s a pretty nice friend.  I researched the  EZ-SHAMPOO®  company after I read her letter and the picture I’ve posted is the one they use in their ads.  You can see how the tray fits comfortably on the neck and the tray itself tilts back so the person getting the shampoo can sit naturally.  This must be a big plus for Mae since it’s hard for her to change positions and I would imagine it would be very difficult to have to arch her neck back.

I noticed that the  EZ-SHAMPOO® hair washing tray does not come with a spray hose and I questioned Mae about this.   She said that the first few times they used the tray her friend just scooped water with a cup and that worked fine but it is definitely easier with a hose.  They figured it wasn’t included because there are so many different sized faucets that a one-size-fits-all hose wouldn’t be practical and it was very inexpensive to buy one.

When I wrote to thank Mae for her suggestion she answered like this:  “Glad to do it.  We ladies need to stick together and keeping well groomed is a must for us.  You never know when Mr. Wonderful will walk through the door!”

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