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A Recommendation from my Husband

painI am the first to admit that I am not the most sympathetic person when it comes to other people’s aches and pains. When someone stubs their toe and has to grab an ice pack, or spends the rest of the day wincing when they put on their shoes, I have to try really hard not to roll my eyes. I don’t do this to be mean, I just don’t quite understand. While pain is not a constant for me, it happens quite a lot in my world. I fall often. I bounce my head off the floor, the wall, and the bathtub. I burn myself, cut myself and sometimes things hurt for no reason at all; that’s CP for you. So when others make a big deal about things that happen to me so regularly, I find it hard to reach their level of anxiety over it; my husband knows this first hand.

My husband has Psoriatic Arthritis. I have no doubt this is something very painful for him. I also understand the feeling of frustration that comes with feeling older than you should due to certain aches and pains. But when he started complaining about his knee hurting, I sort of blew him off. Partly because of the reasons I stated above, but partly because he stopped taking the medicine they gave him for his arthritis because “it didn’t work.” My husband, like many of his gender, wants immediate results; so when he doesn’t get them he just assumes there will be no results at all.

For a while he just tried to live with the pain. This made him somewhat of a grump. Now, not only did his knee hurt, but it was keeping him from doing things he wanted to do. My husband finally went to the doctor hoping for those immediate results and was prescribed physical therapy instead. It was the fact that he actually went to the physical therapy that made me realize the pain in his knee really was a big problem for him.

The physical therapy was helping, but my husband was still popping pain meds like candy. He was starting to worry that he wouldn’t be able to play kickball in the summer with his friends. Then his father told him about Tart Cherry, a supplement that is supposed to help with joint inflammation that he has used with good results. Now, my husband’s father is a pretty skeptical person, so his results were enough to persuade my husband to give it a try. He has been taking the supplement for a couple weeks now and says that his knee barely bothers him.

I guess I will have to try a little harder to take my husband’s aches and pains more seriously from now on. Since taking the supplement he has become more active again. He got the garden in this weekend and is back to playing kickball with his friends on Fridays; he also seems much less grumpy. I am not sure if I should contribute this to his knee feeling better or the improved weather, but either way, I’ll take it.

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