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Spring Cleaning My Prosthesis

Using a prosthesis, I am used to garnering stares and unwatched attention when I’m in public. When I was a newbie the second glances and stares used to bother me. As I’ve adjusted to my disability, embracing my potential and rediscovering my self-esteem, my feelings towards the gawkers have tempered.

A prosthesis is not commonly seen, and it is normal to look at anything that is unusual. I have come to realize that the visual interest I receive is not derogatory but is simply an unintentional reaction. The majority of people probably don’t even realize that they have turned their heads for another glance. Accepting that it is my prostheses-and not me-that has become a lightening rod for stares has been empowering.

Over the years I have become oblivious to the looks and second glances when I’m in public. (I suppose when you experience something multiple times on a daily basis it becomes second nature.) My little boy used to cheerfully wave at every onlooker, which was perhaps the best way to bring attention to their staring. As soon as my little guy started waving, the look of shock and embarrassment wafting on the faces of the offenders was utterly priceless!

Although most of the time I don’t notice the attention, every Spring it becomes magnified. Wearing jeans during the winter, I gradually adjusted to blending in with everybody else. Returning shorts and knee length dresses to my wardrobe expose my prosthesis. Anytime my leg is visible I receive more looks in public.

I know that people are going to look, so I want my leg to look as clean and neat as possible. The socket itself is easy to clean, I just wipe it down with a damp towel. My foot shell requires more effort, but removing the scuff marks, stains and caked in dirt is not impossible.

I’ve learned that a Magic Eraser can save me a lot of time and elbow grease when I want to clean my foot shell. Most of the marks can be scrubbed away with minimal effort, leaving the foot shell clean and ready for Spring. I find myself walking with new confidence when my prosthesis is sparkling clean. I tend to hold my head up higher and walk with more purpose which is a good thing, because I know that people are watching!


Living In an Imperfect Place, During a Remodel

My living situation has been quite calm over the past years, so the tile demo in my bathroom earlier today is still having quite the frazzled effect on my nerves. So. much. noise (ouch my ears) and the dust….oh the dust. I’ve completely forgotten how unpleasant a remodel job is. I can dust mind you despite my paralyzed hands, it’s just….non-stop.

See, when you live in a place while it’s being remodeled, there’s a ton you learn along the way, and this is especially true if you use a wheelchair. My place is a 1 bedroom/1 bath condo. I moved into it seven years ago and it was completely revamped for my wheels (the bathroom was enlarged and the kitchen was gutted), and now….I’m looking to sell.

The reasons I’m selling are complicated, but the taxes in my area are definitely the biggest reason I’ve decided to move. Now finally, all those episodes I’ve watched of House Hunters can be of use. And the main thing I’ve learned – if you want a good price, you need to offer sellers a high-end bathroom. Hence my remodel. And to save money, I’m having family help.

Today was Day #1 of the demo and so far so good, minus the dust and noise complaints from neighbors of course. Oh, and the little foible of not being able to shower again for three more days (hellooo bed baths in the interim). At least we were able to rid my entire bathroom of tile in a few hours, roll-in shower and everything. And I must say, my bathroom is looking like a wreck right now. Granite slate and pretty white marble tile however in my future.

Part of the remodel to sell will also involve tearing up my carpet and installing wood floors. I had a grey Berber carpet installed a few years ago (to hide spills, chair marks, everything) and it worked like a dream. But to reallysell a place, shiny wood floors are the way to go, and that is up next, after the bathroom remodel. Also, we plan on marketing my place to a wheelchair-using seller, so wood floors are a no brainer.

While living with my carpet over the years, I put a Persian rug over one section of the carpet in my living room and while doing so, I realized rugs and wheelchairs do not get along. So I tried to find a solution and came across one of the best products for wheelchair-users – Robert’s Indoor Carpet Tape. This crazy tape can hold a rug down flat for years once it’s in place. Never again will you have to worry about a rug lifting up and getting caught in your wheels when you roll over it. Rugs have no chance against this stuff. Love it.

And another tool that’s helped me like a certified ninja to prep my place to sell is Mr. Clean’s Magic Erasers. These little guys, after you get them damp, can remove any marks you’ve made on your walls. As a wheelchair-user and a powerchair-user at that, I make lot of marks. Going too fast around a corner, my footrest nicking the molding on my bathroom door the millionth time, walls marks and me are old buddies.

But for about $4, you can remove nicks and more without a single drop of paint. While holding one of these erasers myself is a bit tricky (they get smaller as you use them, just like an eraser), I have a PCA or family member help me do it. A few rubs and voila, your bad driving never happened.

Day #2 begins bright and early tomorrow, and the dust will fly once more. The biggest thing you really need is patience during a remodel, and I think this will be one of the biggest things I learn most over the next few weeks.

What lessons have you learned while remodeling?

Photo courtesy of Garann

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