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How I Get Beautiful Hair Solo Without Water (or a Colorist)

When you’re me, you can run into two different barriers when trying to get your hair done up right. The first is the universal barrier all women face – roots coming in. We all know how annoying that is. The second barrier is one only faced if you’re paralyzed or equally disabled – washing your hair.

I can’t wash my hair when the mood suits me. Unfortunately, I need someone’s help with most of it. Because of this, I’ve developed this insane weekly schedule that I’ve followed religiously for years that dictates my entire hair-washing schedule.

It went like this: Wash my hair Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I couldn’t wash my hair every day; it just took way too long, but the terrible side effect was that I suffered through greasy hair on my off-days. Oh the joys of being a dirty blonde.

And I thought there was no way out of my hair-fate unless someone developed an easier way to wash hair. Then the clouds parted, and I discovered a product that changed the entire way I thought hair could ever be washed – baby powder; the oil-absorbing, hair-cleaning agent that can be applied directly to dirty hair and cleans it.

That’s right; sprinkle a bit on your head, rub it in a little bit and your hair will become clean. Holy cow did my life instantly change for better with this discovery. I now had an independent way to clean my hair when no PCA was around. I think my happiness level at least went up by two points.

And since that day, I’ve discovered even more products for cleaning my hair without water, as well as other hair products that enhance my hair color temporarily in between colorings. The market is experiencing a hair-cleaning renaissance right now, and I’m totally taking advantage of it.

Here are a few other products I’ve discovered, as well as a bit more on baby powder, that help keep my hair clean and colored on even my greasiest, most root-exposing days.

Baby Powder

Now labeled a “powder dry shampoo” among hair people, your average bottle of Johnson & Johnson baby powder will do the trick. Try their cornstarch option instead however; it’s better for your lungs if you accidentally breathe it in. Also, check out their scents like Magnolia Blossom or Cooling Cucumber so you smell awesome, and not like a baby.

To apply solo, I put some in my brush then brush my hair.

Aerosol Dry Shampoo

Another way to wash your hair that’s huge right now is the aerosol dry shampoo. Dove’s Dry Shampoo is without question the most popular one on the market (Batiste and got2b are good too); it smells great and is like $3.50. You can’t go wrong. To apply, you lift your roots and spray. I can’t do this motion that well, so I prefer baby powder, but each works great; it’s all about your preference.

Root Concealer Aerosol Spray

If your roots are coming in and you can’t get them colored for a few weeks – money, waiting on an appointment, your disability, whatever – Rita Hazan’s Root Concealer (in various colors) will blow your mind. It did mine, and it’s worth every dollar (all 25 of them). This stuff was originally developed to cover-up grey, but it works on roots just as well, and it will stay in until your next shampoo.

Colored Hair Powder

My latest discovery is colored hair powder, closely giving both Johnson & Johnson’s baby powder and Rita Hazan’s cover-up a run for its money, as it’s both of these things in one. It’s called Finley hair powder, and holy cow is it awesome. It comes in four different colors – blonde, brown, white and black – and it too will sufficiently cover your roots until your next shampoo. Clean hair and colored hair; this may be the perfect hair product.

What I love most about these easy breezy hair-cleaners is that I no longer have to wash my hair in the sink in a pinch, desperately trying to score clean hair, and getting water all over my face and neck in the process. You gotta love living in the future. They’re constantly coming up with so many cool new hair products, making our lives infinitely better. Thank you so much ingenious hair product inventors of the world.

Which dry shampoos do you love?

Products mentioned

Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder
Dove Dry Shampoo
Rita Hazan’s Root Concealer
Finley Hair Powder

Photo courtesy of Flickr CC

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