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Happy Feet



No, this is not a review of the animated film by that name, featuring this sweet little penguin. I’m talking about a gift that I received last week from a dear friend. I guess she decided that I needed some pampering because she took me out to lunch and surprised me with a gift certificate for a PEDICURE ! In all my 81 years it is something that I have never had and it was a lovely experience.

After the pedicure I called my friend to thank her and told her about the blog entry that I wrote a few weeks back about the man who swears by his daily Conair footbath. She said that her husband (who is in his 70’s) had considered that but preferred to have a professional pedicure every 4 weeks.

This got me to thinking because I realized that there are many seniors (like me) who can’t afford that but still need to have good foot therapy.

One thing that came up very frequently when I questioned my other senior friends concerning foot health is that many of them start with a visit to their podiatrist. The doctor has special equipment that aids in cutting thick and discolored nails and can also help them with high quality shoes and inserts. Then, once the podiatrist gives the go-ahead they can start a weekly regimen.

One of my most enthusiastic replies came from a 91 year old lady who lives with her daughter. She said that after each bath she gives her a good foot massage with EARTH THERAPEUTICS TEA TREE OIL foot repair balm. Her daughter has been doing this for over a year and now she swears that her feet look like they belong to a woman in her twenties. Her old yellow and thick nails are a thing of the past ! Isn’t that great? I’m going to give it a try so I can keep my feet happy too …Happy Feet2

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