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Transporting made easy …

fold up shopping cart2fold up shopping cart
I love my fold -up shopping cart but I don’t use it for shopping.  I keep it in my front hall closet where it stays nicely tucked away until I need it to lug something around …either in my house or outside.

Now that I’ve relocated my bedroom on the main floor I don’t have to carry things up or down the stairs.  However, I still have much that is cumbersome and it really helps to have my cart handy.

The steel frame construction means that the cart is very sturdy and I needed that recently when I changed a lovely framed picture from the den to my new bedroom.  The picture is 3 x 5’ and quite heavy but I straddled it atop the cart and, although it looked awkward it worked really well.  (Then I just had to wait for one of my sons to stop by and help me hang it !)

I also love the fact that the nylon canvas bag is detachable and water resistant.  That came in very handy when I used it outside recently and tipped an open bottle of vinegar over everything inside.  It was a mess but I just took the bag off and, after I dumped the contents on the deck, I used the hose to wash it down, inside and out.  It air dried in no time at all and I was back in business.

Lastly I like the fact that it has a cover.  No matter what I have in the cart it always looks neat when covered.   So, I’d highly recommend this fold up cart.  Even when weeks go by and I don’t use it I know it is there … taking up very little room in my hall closet.

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