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A Gift of UNlimited Quilting

I have been known to use almost anything at my disposal in order to complete a task on my own. The words stubborn and determined are often used to describe me.  I like my independence and I will do almost anything to keep it; including carrying objects in my mouth, using my crutches to reach for things or using anything from a stool to a trashcan as a walker when mine is out of reach.

This drive for independence is strongest when I am working on my quilts. Quilting is another passion that I discovered just recently.  Three years ago, I never would have believed that I could sew a single seam let alone make an entire quilt from start to finish on my own; but my Mother-in-Law did believe. It is because of her gift of a sewing machine that I discovered a whole new way  I could create beautiful works of art I could share with my family and friends.

In the three years I have been sewing, I have made about 30 quilts, and most of them have been given away to family and friends. I love to give quilts to people. Giving someone a unique gift they will have forever gives me a sense of happiness.

For all the joy it brings me, quilting isn’t something that comes easy. I have had to come up with my own way of doing things in order to make quilting work for me. One of these is learning how to cut fabric on the floor. I didn’t have a a table that was big enough for me to cut on in my sewing room, so I had to cut the pieces for every quilt on the floor. When I had a quilt with a lot of pieces I often got fatigue in my arms and hips, so I started using a laundry basket for support.


This Christmas, my Mother-In-Law once again surprised me with a generous gift. A quilting table! She knew I would need something really sturdy, because I need to lean on the table for support; and she also knows from being a quilter herself that I might want to move the table around.  She bought me a sturdy table with locking wheels so I can move it where I need to and still lean on it for support.


I have had the table for a few days now, and already, I don’t know how I ever lived without it. Though it is a sewing table I think it could be used for a number other crafts or applications. I could see it being used by others in a laundry room for folding clothes or any room where you might need an easily moveable and sturdy surface at which to work.

It took my husband almost 4 hour hours to put together, but the effort was totally worth it. I can now make my quilts completely unlimited by pain or fatigue. I am also finding unexpected uses for my new table every day,

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