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My Keurig adventure …

My granddaughter Amelia once again decided to “spoil grandma” and she presented me with this mini-Keurig coffee maker. She also gave me two boxes of K-cup coffees from Starbucks, one regular and one decaf and a third box of Kazo green tea.

I found it fun and convenient to brew up a cup and I probably drank more in that first week than I usually do just because it was so easy. Of course the time came when I ran out of those cute little cups and I decided to stock up when I next went food shopping…maybe get 3 or 4 boxes so I wouldn’t run out.

Wow…speak about sticker shock. My “stock up” plan was put on the back burner when I saw the prices. Even the store brands were costly. “Oh, well”, I thought, “I’ll just buy one box and cut back to a cup a day”.

It wasn’t until I got home that I remembered that another box had come with my gift. I had completely forgotten it and I found, to my delight, that it was a reusable filter.

I still had some regular coffee on hand so I tried it out right away and it worked beautifully. You first pop out the brewing cup holder on the machine. Then put the K-cup reusable filter into the grey plastic holder, fill with coffee and screw on the top. This gives you an air-tight seal and you proceed to brew just as you would be a K-cup.

There’s no mess and it’s very easy to clean. I’ve done some experimenting since then and it works just as well with loose tea. As you can see it takes a little longer but not by much and the cost per cup is much less expensive than those costly boxes of K-cups …and that’s a big plus for this thrifty old Lady!

Coffee Anyone?

Sometimes you discover the solution to some of your most annoying problems when and where you least expect it. The other day, for instance, my husband and I were watching a show called Mountain Men. It is one of those “reality shows” that depicts the life of men who live in remote areas and survive off the land. It is ridiculously staged, it drives me crazy, but my husband likes it and sometimes a girl has to make sacrifices. Anyway, during one episode, this guy’s wife brought him a cup of coffee in this mug with a wide base and a narrow opening at the top. I immediately shouted, “That coffee mug is CP proof! I must have one.”

Because of my CP, I spill things a lot. I prefer to drink out of bottles or cups with straws in order to avoid unnecessary spills. Finding a solution to avoid spilling hot beverages has been hard; travel mugs keep my coffee too hot for too long, and you have to wait forever to drink it. Normally, I just take my chances with a traditional mug by trying to leave a little space at the top. Despite my efforts, I still manage to spill my coffee at least once a week. I thought the narrow mouth mug would be the perfect solution to the problem, if I could find one.

The next day, I was out shopping with my Mom and her boyfriend and I told them about the mug. My mom had never seen one, but her boyfriend had, he said he would keep his eyes open. We were at the Salvation Army when he found this little gem.

It is not exactly like the mug I saw on the show, the mouth is a little wider, and it is more angular, but it is still awesome. It is exactly the solution I hoped it would be.

This mug allows my coffee to cool at a normal rate, and the tall narrow mouth keeps me from spilling anything. It also has a slip proof bottom and a good sized handle, which I like. It doesn’t look like it, but it holds a full eight ounces of coffee.

Of course now that I have one, I would like to get a few more; perhaps one for work, and a few for my friends with similar disabilities when they come to visit. I know I probably won’t get as lucky as I did the other day, so I have been looking online and I found several that were almost exactly like the one I saw on TV. This one is for home use and this one even has a lid so you can take it with you!

In what unexpected places have you found a solution to an everyday problem?

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