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Aaah…my Buddy brings relief.

Bed BuddyIf you are anything like me you suffer from neck and shoulder pain. It seems to come and go but  it never disappears completely.  I’ve had chiropractors and Phys Ed teachers, over the years,  tell me that it’s a chronic problem. They have warned me that it will only get worse as I age and now, unfortunately, I can say that they were spot on with that prediction.

However, I have found relief and it’s with the Bed Buddy Neck Pillow that you see pictured here.  I’ve tried similar products in the past but none have come close to the soothing relief that I get with this one.

The pillow is filled with 100% gluten-free rice and the stitching down the middle of the pillow assures that the grains will stay in place.  A quick one minute in the microwave and you are ready for a treat.

Settle down where you are most comfortable and drape the pillow across your neck and shoulders.  You’ll find that the comfortable shape molds to you and the moist heat and the light aromatherapy scent that exudes from the pillow makes you feel like you are being

coddled in a spa !  Within 30 minutes to an hour my tired and sore muscles seem to fade away.

I also treat headaches in this way.  Before using the pillow I would take Tylenol or Motrin but I really didn’t like taking pills and it was a great relief to find that if I brought the pillow firmly around my neck and let the moist heat concentrate there my headaches would often disappear.

Chronic aches and pains seem to be a part and parcel of old age … they can be bothersome but don’t often warrant a trip to the doctor.  It’s at those times that I pull out my Bed Buddy Pillow and put it to work.   Aaaah…the relief of that moist heat.  I highly recommend it and hope it will do the same for you.

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