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Get Me The Hammer !!


This may seem a bit over the top but I hate childproof caps and I’ve often resorted to drastic means to uncap them … as shown in the picture.

I would be the first person to condone childproof caps if I had youngsters in my house although I wonder if that would be the answer. I’ve read that children can get the caps off any type of bottle in seconds so I believe I would feel more comfortable locking my meds away as we did when I was a child.

It’s been more than 75 years since I was that child and back then I remember my folks having a special cabinet in the kitchen where they stored and locked medications. I admit that they didn’t do the same for household cleansers, etc. but it really wasn’t the problem that it is today since it was basically soap and water back then.

But I don’t have children, nor do I expect to have any in my house. What I do have is arthritic hands that have lost their gripping power. It is difficult to open almost anything, not just the childproof caps, and it’s so annoying.

You can imagine how happy I was to find the Sologrip.

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