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Taken for a ride …

When I first started writing a weekly blog entry for Unlimiters my niece Wendy gave me an idea that (although I thought it clever) I was hesitant to write about because it had safety problems.  Her mother, my oldest sister Mary, was in a nursing home and whenever Wendy wanted to take her  out for a drive she found it very hard to transfer her from the wheelchair to the car.  She had Velour upholstery and Mary would have to lift up and inch across the seat to get comfortable.  It was a cumbersome and slow process to say the least.

Wendy finally thought up the idea of using one of the large, heavy-duty plastic garbage bags.  She would spread it over the bottom of the car seat and tuck it in.  This way my sister, with Wendy’s assistance, could slide onto the seat and it worked pretty well except for a few mishaps when the bag slipped.  Luckily they were not serious but, nevertheless,  I was very pleased when a blogger friend made mention of her solution to this problem.

She has a car with cloth seats too and finds it difficult to get in and out because of a bad hip that she is scheduled to have replaced soon.  She purchased a leather slipcover just for her side of the car and she says it works great.  She says she can now slide in comfortably. car seat The seat she chose is by Automotive Innovations and she’s pleased with her choice.  She says it was easy to install and the stretch polyester on the sides and back gave it a firm and secure fit.   It is also easy to keep clean … she just wipes it down  with a damp cloth and, on the off chance that she would damage it she figures it was inexpensive enough that she’d just replace it.

It never fails to amaze me that there is an answer to every question if we just look for it.

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