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Keeping the Bugs at bay …

This is another article about something that a good friend recommended but that I have not yet tried.  I’m referring to her insect shield jacket and pants by BugsAway®.

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The BugsAway® company describes their product like this: “BugsAway® is a complete line of insect repellent clothing using Insect Shield® technology to convert apparel and gear into long-lasting, effective, and convenient bug protection.”

My friend is definitely an outdoors person. She is an avid gardener and takes long walks with her bird-watching club.  She loves the fact that she can put on her lightweight jacket and know that it will repel mosquitoes, ticks and other insects.  She can even pull up the hood and it will protect her ears and face and if she combines the jacket with the pants she has  total head to toe protection.

The pants are light weight too and if she gets them wet while out in the early morning dew she doesn’t worry.  They dry quickly and have the added advantage of  zippered pant legs.  When the day gets hot she can simply zip off that part of the pants leaving her with an attractive above-the-knee pair of Bermuda style shorts.

She did tell me that her BugsAway® clothing, specially treated with Permethrin,  is not inexpensive, however the insect shield repellent lasts for 70 washings and gives her the comfort of knowing that she doesn’t have to worry about diseases from ticks or other insects.  That alone makes it worth every penny !

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