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…a senior friend came through for me. She knows that I am always looking for products or ideas that will ease the aging process so she sent me this recommendation. It’s the Omron HEM-712C blood pressure monitor.

She writes that her doctor has been after her for a long time to keep track of her blood pressures at home. She’s always pooh-poohed the idea until this past month at her half-yearly checkup. Her blood pressure was well above the acceptable figure and when she tried to laugh it off by telling her doctor that “I always get nervous in front of a handsome man” he told her, in a very stern manner, that this was nothing to laugh about.

She said it embarrassed her but it also made her stop and listen as he explained that she has Hypertension (High Blood Pressure.) He told her that it’s dangerous because it makes the heart work harder to pump blood and it contributes to hardening of the arteries, development of heart failure and is closely linked to some forms of dementia in the elderly.

Poor diet, obesity and just plain aging are factors that contribute to high blood pressure and since she has all three of these (as do many seniors) she is triply anxious to get hers under control. She did a bit of research and felt that the Omron HEM-712C would be her best choice. She is definitely happy with it and surprised that it was so affordable and easy to use.

Her unit sits right on the kitchen table which is perfect for her since she can rest her arm while taking her pressure. She says that the instructions are very easy to follow and the writing on the read-out panel is BIG… a nice feature if you have some visual limitations. It can be plugged in or run on batteries too, which means she can use it while traveling.

All in all my friend is thrilled with her new-found medical expertise and wishes that she’d started it years ago.  Now her biggest regret was making a fool of herself in front of her doctor!!

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