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My Smartphone Pick

Technology has come a long way in my lifetime. However, I am the first to admit I am a little slow to jump on the band wagon when it comes to the latest and greatest. I did not get a cell phone until after I graduated high school and I didn’t even know how to send a text message until the middle of my sophomore year in college, so it was no surprise that it took me several years to upgrade from a cell phone to a smartphone.

I originally got a BlackBerry because it was recommended to me by several friends who had one. At the time iPhone was still relatively new, and I don’t think Androids were even out yet. I became instantly addicted to the convenience of having the internet at my fingertips. I used my phone to look up recipes, downloaded quilting projects, and send emails for work. I kept my original blackberry for 5 years, and only got a new phone because the battery in my old one kept going bad.

When I went to finally get a new phone, I told the saleswoman that I wanted the new blackberry and she looked at me like I was crazy. Apparently I have once again become a user of old technology. But despite her efforts to point me toward a phone with more apps, I stuck to my guns and got a Blackberry; an iPhone, Andriod, or virtually any other smartphone on the market would be useless to me because I cannot type on a touchpad, at least not one small enough to be attached to a phone.

The Blackberry is one of the only smart phones that still use a real Qwerty keyboard, with actual buttons. The only other one they carried with buttons was one of those slide out jobs that breaks if you look at it too long. The keyboard is the one feature that allows me to use my smart phone the way it was intended to be used, but that isn’t the only feature about my phone that I like. It has the same basic functions as all the other smartphones out there, including a great speech option that allows me to send a text, email, search the internet, compose a note or update my Facebook status with my voice. The blackberry is also durable. I drop my phone at least once a week, and I have yet to break it.

If you, or someone you love, struggle with touchscreens like I do, the Blackberry Q10 is a great option. It will allow them to have access to the all features of their phone without having to rely on the speech option or an additional piece of adaptive technology. Because blackberry got rid of the track pad that I loved, you are still using a touchscreen to navigate, but the accessibility features on the phone make it much easier.

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