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Back to Bath: Taking a Bath Again After 8 Years

bathSomething amazing happened the other day – I took a bath after a 8 year hiatus.  This is a big deal when you’re paralyzed and so many things you used to love are no longer possible. And tubbing only possible because I recently moved and live in a place that has a jetted bathtub. Taking a bath was like walking again; almost.

What it feels like truly is that I’m reclaiming who I used to  be. I am without question a bath person, definitely not a roll-in shower person, so now that I’m back in a bath tub, all seems right with the world.  If only I could do this with everything else in my life, like walking.

The bath itself however was beyond divine even if my balance is truly horrible and being in the bathtub feels nothing like it used to be before my injury. The hot water, the jets and bubbles, they’re oh so good.

I did however anticipate that my balance would be an issue, so I found a local medical supply company that rents bath lifts.  I was going to buy one at first, and then I got smart realizing I may not like the lift. So I found this bath lift to rent – the Rio Invacare Bath Lift – and so far so good.

The remote itself is completely waterproof and the seat goes all the way to the bottom of the tub, lowering with a touch of the button The seat is great for helping me with balance.  It can be a bit tricky though getting into this lift.

After transferring me into my shower chair, my caregiver will park me alongside the bathtub, pivot transfer me down to the side of the tub, and then transfer over into the chair itself. A lot more steps, but the safety is more than worth it.

My only complaint is that the chair does not stay suctioned to the bottom of the tub as it’s designed to do, and lifts up when transferring out of it.  While it’s a good thing I’m not overweight, this kind of thing can get you dropped on the floor real quick.

Always make sure you have towels nearby, just in case, and make sure to stock up on a slough of tasty bath bombs.

How do you take a bath despite not being able to stand-up?

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