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Enveloped in a “Cocoon” …

Cocoon Sunglasses



Look carefully and you can see the prescription eyeglasses behind these

very smart looking sunglasses made by Cocoon. When I saw this picture I decided to give them a try and to say that it was a wise decision is an understatement!

I have bifocals and need them in order to read long distance road signs. However, the sunglasses that I was using were the clip-on type. They were OK and would cut out the glare from the sun. but I was still getting a lot of light coming in at the sides and it was very distracting, Now when I drive into a sunrise or a late afternoon sun I am not blinded. The lenses and the side panels are polarized so there is no glare and I can now put all my focus on the road.

Another thing that I love about my new Cocoon sunglasses is that when I put them on I feel like my eyes are completely protected from outside elements. This helps to relax my eyes and the strain and fatigue of squinting caused by sun glare is a thing of the past. It is very comforting and long road trips seem so much easier now.

I have the Cocoons Fitsover Slim Line Polarized Sunglasses (Burgundy Frame/Gray Lens) but you can choose from many styles and a large range of colors so I’m sure there is one that will suit you to a “T” and they all “feature adjustable Flex2Fit® temples that enable each wearer to custom contour the temple shape for an exact fit.”

I really can’t say enough about my new sunglasses. They are so light weight and comfortable that I hardly know I have them on. The fact that they look really good is like icing on the cake !

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