No More Flying Pizzas

pizza2I’m as guilty as anyone when it comes to putting off purchases. My Great Grandma Morancey’s thrifty side must have somehow ingrained itself inside of me, even though I only knew her until the age of 16 and never went shopping with her once. Maybe it’s because I’m on a limited income, but I really dislike spending cash on anything that isn’t a bill.

While this can be good in some respects – you get to save your money for the important things – you go without important things and that can leave you in a dangerous situation when you have a disability. Case in point: How I put off buying a backseat net for my van these past six years. I finally purchased one the other day – and holy cow has it made stashing away things easier.

But I think this is the nature of a lot of people with disabilities – we try to do things the hard way for as long as possible so we don’t have to use anything ” special.” But, when we finally get that item that everyone said would blow our minds, and it does, we’re always left going, “Why did I wait so long??”

And it is in that moment where most of us begin to realize these helpful gadgets aren’t so bad after all. This notion is quite fresh in my mind because I just knocked an item off my “To-Buy” list buying an backseat net from Highland. Buying this took seven years in the making. I didn’t think I needed it, despite what my occupational therapist said.

In hindsight, oh man I wish I would have listened. If I had only purchased that darned net when I got my van 7 years ago. Oh how much stress I would have saved myself. Remember – it’s always smart to listen to anyone with experience in the disability world. What this net does is keep everything on my backseat – my regular purse, my catheter bag, bags of things I have bought and yes, even pizza – in spite of jerky gas and brake motions.

There’s some things you can’t plan completely for in life, like a car in front of you slamming on its brakes, which of course will send everything flying onto the ground, including that hot pizza you just picked up. I’ve only had the net installed in my van for a few days now, but it’s already saved me from a handful of unnecessary spills.

Because of this, despite my happiness at finally getting this net, I’ve been thinking – no chiding myself – for my ridiculous procrastination when it comes to buying anything adapted. I never want to go there, but I’m changing my tune after this net fiasco.

I’ve seen the light. If something can make my life easier, I’m going try it with no delay.

Have you put off buying adapted tools?

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