Kitchen Prep Fatigue– MINIMIZED

It is hard to believe that Thanksgiving week is here. Wasn’t it just the other day that I was shopping for lunchboxes and backpacks for the start of a new school year? After all, I still have bowls of Halloween candy on my kitchen counter.

Although I hate how quickly time seems to pass, I have to admit that I absolutely adore Thanksgiving. Christmas is special because I get to relive the childhood magic through my son. But left to my own recourse, Thanksgiving may be my very favorite holiday.  Gathering with family and friends, just laughing and eating, we are all relaxed and happy. The pressure of gift giving, looming bills and other holiday stresses have not yet crept into our psyche. Instead, we are all simply happy to be together.

I spend a lot of time cooking for Thanksgiving. Despite the fact that we’ll be visiting my Mom for the holiday, I will still be making three complete dinners. One is heading across the street to my neighbor’s house, one is going to be delivered to a friend who is recovering from surgery and the third will be eaten by a hoard of hungry elementary students in Robby’s class.

Needless to say I will be spending the majority of my waking hours this weekend in the kitchen, prepping and cooking the meals.  Holiday movies will be streaming on my little TV and my house will smell wonderful. I am also aware that my newly cleaned kitchen will quickly morph into a full-fledged disaster area. I’m a good cook, but I am not a clean one!

With so much cooking to be done, I know that I’ll be spending a lot of time on my feet.  For many prosthetic wearers, standing results in more fatigue and pain than long distance walking. I love cooking, but I do not relish the back and limb pain that result from my standing on my hard tile floor for hours on end!

Kitchen throw rugs are not advantageous for individuals with mobility problems. Although they provide a nice cushion, they often become dislodged and move. Having a throw rug shift from underneath a crutch almost always results in a painful fall.  The fleeting comfort that the cushioning provides is simply not worth the risk of injury.

Last Christmas my husband stumbled upon a perfect solution. I was a bit surprised when I unwrapped the Chef’s Mat because he knew my issues with throw rugs. He urged me to give it a chance and I begrudgingly agreed.


This gel filled Chef’s Mat was different than every other floor covering I have tried.  First, it has a sticky backing, allowing it to firmly grip every surface. I have had it for one year and it has never slid, even when I have been on crutches! The mat is filled with gel, not fluff, which provides a firm yet cushy feel. The pressure from standing on the hard floor is minimized and relegated to an inconvenience when I’m standing on top of the Chef’s Mat.

I fully expect to be exhausted by the end of my three dinner prep, but I have confidence that I will not have the pain in my legs and lower back that have haunted me over the years. The Chef’s Mat works wonders to reduce the pressure from the hard tile, allowing me to enjoy being in the kitchen.


I hope that everybody has a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, overflowing with happiness, laughter and love!

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