The Perfect Solution….Or Not

We’ve all been there. We’ve all seen a product on television, or in the store, and thought to ourselves, “This is the greatest thing ever! I must have it, and together we will achieve so much.” So we buy it, filled with possibility, and then we use it only to discover we have been duped. The product is a total failure.

I am no stranger to this scenario. Often, I think I have found something that is perfect for me, only to find out it doesn’t work the way I need it to at all. In an effort to be kind, and perhaps save you a bit of money, I thought I might share some of these failures, along with the products I replaced them with.

This first item might come is a bit of a shock. In fact, most people probably find this item very useful; but as a left handed person with fine motor issues, I just cannot recommend it. It’s the mandolin slicer. These things are supposed to cut through veggies like butter, slicing items for salad and other recipes with ease. I’ve used mine exactly three times since purchasing it, three years ago. It is the most frustrating piece of kitchen equipment I have ever owned. First, it is hard to set up, then you have to get just the right rhythm going in order for the blade to go all the way though the veggie without catching, then you have to keep re-adjusting the guard. By them time I slice one carrot, I am tired, frustrated and usually bleeding, no matter how careful I try to be.

I ended up replacing it with this slicer instead. It’s a little noisy, and like with most slicers you may have to cut the larger veggies into smaller chunks first; but the set up and cleanup is much easier. Plus, there is little chance of slicing off the tip of your finger by accident.

The second thing I bought that didn’t work out was the Pasta Boat; many of you probably saw the infomercial. Well, I fell for it hook, line and sinker, and my dear husband bought me one. I was so excited. As an Italian, I eat a ton of pasta, as a diabetic, my husband does not. I thought the Pasta Boat would be safer and easier to use, especially since I was only making pasta for one. After the first use, I knew I had thought wrong. The pasta did not cook in the time listed on the instructions, and when it finally did cook through, I opened the door to find that water was all over my microwave.

As of now, I have not found a successful mechanism for my pasta cooking dilemma. I do want to find something that would prevent me from handling boiling water and I am considering trying this; though I am still a little weary of infomercial products. Has anyone tried it?

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