Shaving Your Legs Doesn’t Have to be an Aerobic Excercise


Many women dream of having long, soft, flowing hair; but typically they want this hair on their heads not their legs. My fight with leg hair began at the tender age of ten, a doctor removed full length casts from both my legs only to discover that my leg hair, which had be fine and blond when they put them on a month or so previous, had turned coarse and black. I don’t remember being particularly bothered by this phenomenon but my mother was somewhat horrified. And so began my battle with leg hair.

Let’s face it, we all hate leg hair; the only thing we hate more than leg hair is dealing with the leg hair. Having a disability that causes fine motor issues, along with super tight leg muscles, only makes leg hair that much more deplorable. It’s no wonder that women with and without disabilities have decided not to deal with it at all, allowing their leg hair to grow uninhibited and unashamed. I applaud those women for the unabashed love for their leg hair, and between September and April I am one of them; but come Spring I fall victim to the pressure of social norms. I remember my mother’s horrified exclamations over my leg hair and I shave my legs.

Finding the perfect product for shaving my legs has been an adventure. The disposable razor slipped a lot thanks to both my poor fine motor skills and my excellent spasticity; shaving cream made everything worse. Nair left chemical burns in some spots and patches of hair in others. Waxing is too expensive and painful,and laser treatments are super tempting but also way too expensive. Ultimately, it was my mother who convinced me to try an electric razor. Honestly I didn’t even know that they made these for women anymore. I had an old plug in one in middle school that had been my mother’s or someone’s back in the day, but it didn’t work well, so I assumed that all electric razors were just as ineffective, even if they did exist.

In order to convince me, my mother let me try hers; and I realized very quickly I had been wrong. The electric razor left my legs as smooth as my manual razor. Even better, I could use this razor outside the shower where it was easier to contort my body into the yoga poses required for leg shaving. Best of all, when I was done there were no cuts to cover in little bits of toilet paper!

I did some research about the best electric razors available, compared that against what I wanted to spend and decided to buy this Panasonic model because it got good reviews and was a decent price. It can be used wet or dry but for the reason I’ve already stated I use it dry. Now I can wear my cute spring and summer dresses without horrifying my mother or cutting my legs. This razor really is a win/win.

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