Students … a great resource for the elderly


This is one view of the lovely Community College in my area. It is not only a beautiful place to take a walk but is a wonderful source for obtaining inexpensive cosmetology services.

I have a few friends who don’t think twice about paying $40 for a haircut and wash … or $30 to have their nails cut and painted. However, I live on my social security monthly check and this is more than my budget can handle.

Not to worry. I’ve found that there is a great alternative to those costly beauty salons and I’ll bet there’s one in your area too. It’s at the Cosmetology Department at our Community College.

The students are very anxious to please the customers so they try extra hard.

It’s usually a hodge-podge of customers … elders, like me, and then a lot of their fellow students in the teens.  It’s a fun mix and I enjoy listening to them as they work.

I’ve been very happy with the cost and the results. A shampoo, blow dry and style costs just $7. Of course I include a tip but it’s still only $10 and that’s $30 less than what my wealthier friends pay. If I add a manicure to that it would be an additional $5.00.

Speaking of tending the nails I know that so many of us in our senior years find cutting our toenails a real chore. It’s very important that we keep our feet and toes in good shape so, at just $12, I can well afford to do that.

Check out the Colleges in your area.  I would bet they would have the same services.

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