Picker-up and Grabber …

Now settle down you old geezers. I am not writing about revitalizing your libido.  The Picker-up and Grabber that I have in mind is this one:

I had never even heard of this tool until I fractured my hip back in 2011.  I was introduced to it while recuperating in rehab and it has proved to be indispensable.   The grip was easy to handle and the pick-up end proved to be extremely versatile.

I remember early in my recovery when one of my get well cards slid off the bed and I didn’t want to bother a nurse or an aide for such a small item.   It was then that I first used the gripper and I was pleased to see that, not only was the rod long enough to reach, but it easily picked up the card

So now I knew that the gripper was able to pick up something as small and light as a card but what about other items?  I decided to try it out.  I picked up medicine bottles, towels, magazines and my make-up kit.  It was almost too easy and I think it was then that I decided to have fun with it.

The breakfast tray had not been picked up yet and I still had a half full cup of coffee on it. So, very carefully, I encircled the cup with the pick-up end and, making sure that I didn’t loosen my grip, I brought it to my free hand.  Voila!  It worked.   I didn’t think until after the fact about the mess it would have made if it hadn’t!

Now, as I write this, it is almost two years later.  I’ve recuperated just fine but I still rely on my Picker-upper.  It’s one of the handiest tools I have.  I use it outside for picking up litter and pine cones and inside it’s great for grabbing items that are stored up high.  It makes me wonder how I managed without it.

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